Whole Home Inspection

We'll inspect Roofs, Exteriors, Structural, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Insulation, Plumbing & Interiors.


Q1. Do you perform repairs or just home inspections? 

A1. Contractors provide expertise from a different point of view than an inspector. A home inspector is typically checking the roof, structural, etc. After the home inspection, you may want to hire a general contractor to find out how much a kitchen renovation or plumbing upgrade might cost. Get the unbiased opinion first from the Home Inspector, then you bring in the contractor to quote for those repairs.

Q2. Are you insured? 

A2. We have liability insurance and will provide a copy upon request. 

Q3. Can you provide references?

A3. We have done over 1200 inspections.

Q4. Can I tag along on the inspection? 

A4. Most want to be more hands-on and follow along as I complete my inspection.  Some clients come to the end of the inspection to review the report.

Q5. What does the inspection include? 

A5. Ideally, the inspection is as thorough as possible. "We open every window we can open and test every outlet we can test, a lot of inspection companies don't test the appliances, but we turn on dishwashers and laundry machines to see if there's damages on the gaskets."


Q6. Will you send me a sample inspection report? 

A6. A sample detailed report is available by clicking here.

Q7. Do you have any special expertise? 

A7. We do historic homes and new construction and everything in between.  We are able to shed light on all issues as part of the overall inspection. 

Q8. How much do you charge? 

A8. A listing of fees are available by clicking here.  Discounts are offered.

Radon / Pest Inspection

We'll coordinate these additional inspections to make it a seamless process.


Dave Becicka